Dr. Uma Dutta

Ph.D. :Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Molecular Toxicology and Teratology Cancer biology (diagnosis and anticancer therapy) Food Toxicology and Public Health Bio-chemistry with utilization of great treasure of bio resources in North East India, especially in Assam Bio-active component of plant and animal in treating cancer and diseases. Drug interaction Preventive therapy of auto immune disease Immunotoxicity and Nanotoxicity Indigenous knowledge regarding use of plant resources in treating infertility

Email: umadutta[AT]yahoo.com
Joined the University in 14-July-1992.

Career Profile/Services:

1. Cotton College/State University/University, Guwahati -1, Assam [ Selection Grade Professor and Associate Professor ] (4 th Sept 2003 (continuation))

2. Halflong Govt. College, Halflong, Assam [Lecturer and Senior lecturer] (14th July 1992 to 3rd Sept. 2003)

3. Kendriya Vidyalaya Lumding [ TGT & PGT teacher post ] (Sept. 1991 to March 1992)

4. Don Bosco, Lumding (Nov 1987 to July 1988)

Administrative assignments within and outside the institution:

Serving as Joint Secretary Academic Affairs, CUTA; Admission and election procedures; Library committee member; Seminar committee member; Animal ethics committee member; Examination committee member (AU and CU) – within the institution; Department representative member of CCWF.

Special supervising officer for UG exam (GU); Executive committee member WUAA; Executive committee member Assam Zoological Society; Nominated executive member Indian Society of Cell Biology; Member of Breakthrough Science Society (All India Level Organization) IIT Chapter, Ghy-39; Rural development programs under the aegis of the Assam Science Society (Halflong and Guwhati branch).

Activities/assignments in the University:

1. Core committee member in the CBCS syllabus preparation for biological science in CU (2018).

2. Main responsibility served in UG, PG of CBCS system syllabus, PhD coursework syllabus for zoological science in 2018.

3. Contributed to course curriculum for syllabus preparation, revision and curriculum program for UG, PG and PhD coursework at Assam University, Gauhati University and Cotton College State University.

4. Conducting multiple project works at UG and PG level as per syllabus and summer internship program within and outside the university.

5. Question paper setter, evaluator and moderator within own and outside university.

6. Organising student educational/academic tour and field work within and outside the state at UG and PG level.

7. Conducting All India level competitive examination both at National and State level viz NET, GATE, SLET, MD/MS, ONGC, Engg and Medical Entrance (supervising and conducting).

8. Organise excursion and academic tours.

9. Wall magazine supervision, Organise meetings Zoological Society, Cotton College etc.

10. Performance of assigned duties of all sorts of activities viz. conducting student election, student exhibition, cultural program, plantation program.

11. Organizing National and International Conferences and hands-on training program and workshop.