Dr. Namram Sushindrajit Singh

Ph.D. :North-Eastern Hill University

Research Interests:

Chronobiology and Molecular Neuroendocrinology, Cell biology and Toxicology

Email: ssdrajt[AT]gmail.com
Joined the University in 17-November-2015.

My work focus on understanding the neuroendocrine pathways involved in timing the seasonal reproduction in birds. We were able to address the involvement of circadian rhythm in photoperiodic regulation of reproduction and its function in some migratory and resident birds. The localisation and expression of GnIH in the PVN region of the brain using immunohistochemistry has been done in the Eurasian tree sparrow. GnIH mRNA gene expression using QPCR technique in the sparrows showed their involvement in controlling the seasonal reproduction in birds. In a different approach, we have started the screening of the pathways of steroidogenesis and fertility control in mice. We are also focusing on the ant venom, plants extracts and screening of bioactive compounds as an alternative means in targeted cancer therapy.