Research & Projects

The department has been very much active in academic as well as in research activities right from the beginning and the pace still continues. At present there are 10 teachers in the department and most of them are engaged in research activities of different fields of Zoology. There are 08 numbers of teachers at present in the department guiding 05 numbers of Ph D scholars under Cotton University 04 teachers are guiding students under Gauhati University.

Presently, in the department four research projects are going on funded by DBT, Govt. of India. The research activities are mainly focused on field of chronobiology, characterization, structure elucidation of anticancer active principle(s) from different medicinal insects and plants collected from North East India, study on heteropteran diversity, toxicology and phyto-remediation, study of natural mosquito repellent, study of different aquatic organisms as environmental stress indicator, DNA barcoding of indigenous fishes, better technique Fish preservation, study of benthic fauna of wetlands, seribiotechnology, study of butterfly diversity and wetland ecology.


Sl. No. Principal Investigator Co. Principal Investigator Title of the Project Period Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned Amount Status
1 Dr. Mamata Goswami

Dr. Ratna Sarma,  

Dr.Tanushree Maitra 
Arsenic contamination of ground and prevalence of Arsenicosis in Assam: an ecological study.” 3 yrs ICMR Rs. 10,00000 Completed
2 Dr. Binoy Kumar Deka  

Biology and culture of Cirrhinus reba (Ham) in Assam.

2 yrs UGC Rs. 50,000 Completed
3 Dr. Arup Kumar Hazarika   “Environmental-Monitoring and Moduling of Tasek Lake of Garo Hills (a techtonic lake)”. 2 yrs UGC Rs. 1,40,000 Completed
4 Dr. Karobi Saikia   Monitoring ongoing water quality changes in Guwahati city and its effect on destruction of habitat of endangered fauna 2 yrs Education for Nature World wildlife fund, Washington, D.C. Rs. 2,47,500 Completed
5 Rezina Ahmed   Study on diversity & ecology of insects of the family Chrysomelidae in some forest patches of Bhutan foothills of Nalbari district of Assam 2 yrs UGC Rs. 2,72,000 Completed
6 Dr. Uma Dutta   Study of ameliorative potential of bamboo shoot( Bambusa balcooa) against ethophen induced toxicity in albino rat   UGC Rs. 5,00,000 Completed
7 Dr. Namram Sushindrajit Singh Nil Time is on your side: the importance of short photoperiod in reproduction of bird 3 yrs SERB- DST, Govt. of India Rs. 23,00,000 Ongoing
8 Dr. Akalesh K Verma Nil Study of anticancer potential of north east indian propolis and isolation of possible active principle(s). 2016-19 DST, Govt. of India Rs. 32,000,00 Ongoing
9 Dr. Anjana Singha Naorem Dr. Namram Sushindrajit Singh Study and comparison of heteropteran diversity in two areas of Guwahati region. 1 yrs DBT, Govt. of India Rs. 8,00,000 Ongoing
10 Dr. Shamim Rahman Dr. Devajit Baumatari To what extent benthic diversity indicates water quality of wetlands of Guwahati having different pollution load 1 yrs DBT, Govt. of India Rs. 8,00,000 Ongoing