About Zoology Department

The Zoology department of Cotton College was started in May, 1942 by introducing the subject in I. Sc. Classes first. In graduate level the subject Zoology was introduced as pass course in B.Sc. in 1947 and got the affiliation from Gauhati University with effect from 1948-49. The Honours course in Zoology in B.Sc. was introduced in 1953. Honours course in Zoology in B.Sc. was introduced in 1953. The first batch appeared in 1954 in which Sri Hitendra Kumar Deb got 1st class 1st position. The academic performance of the department was encouraging and so the department initiated P.G. courses in 1974 with two special papers, namely, Entomology and Fish and Fishery Biology. Later on, ecology and Environmental Biology was introduced as a special paper in M.Sc. in the year 1993. Recently, in 2016 another new special paper Cell and Molecular Biology has been introduced in M.Sc. fourth semester. As the Cotton College has been upgraded to Cotton  University, the department automatically shifted the affiliation towards its own authority.

Since its establishment in 1942, about 450 students are admitted each year in different sections of the Higher Secondary course by the auto-set self adjusted cut of marks in the last consecutive five years at about a level of 90% including rank holders of the state board exam.  This may appear as an apparent over burden on the University. But with full consideration paid to the eagerness of student and faith of the N.E. population on the trusted efficiency and dedication of the institution the course is retained as a prestigious asset and responsible obligation to the society.

The department has also been awarded with the FIST programme of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. and accordingly a highly sophisticated Computer lab was established with internet connection. The department has also received financial assistance of heritage grant from UGC for infrastructure development.

The department has a highly rich biodiversity museum of about 800 sq. ft. area which is well lighted and arranged in systematic order as per method of taxonomic principles. The museum has a history of about 60 years and contains more than two thousand number of specimens from almost all the phyla represented by varied types of species. A specimen with special interest in the museum is a stuffed Ostrich   with its egg acquired in the year 1963 which is the only piece in entire North-East India. The department laboratory received recognition from Gauhati University in 2009 for Ph. D. programme. 

The library is housed in the first floor of new P.G. building. Books on different discipline of Zoology are available in the library. It remains open from 10:00 to 3:00 pm on all working days. Books are issued for study to the faculty members, students and research scholars.

About 1657 books and 350 old periodicals, a few no. of new journals, reference materials and reports are available for reading within its premises.

The department of Zoology celebrated Platinum Jubilee with a year-long programme starting   from August, 2016 to July, 2017 including Alumni meet, Invited Talk and National Seminar.