The Zoology department of Cotton College was started in May, 1942 by introducing the subject in I. Sc. Classes. B.Sc. Zoology was introduced as pass course in 1947 and got the affiliation from Gauhati University from 1948 onwards. B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology was introduced in 1953. M.Sc Zoology started in 1974 with two special papers- Entomology and Fish and Fishery Biology. Later on, Ecology and Environmental Biology was introduced as a special paper in M.Sc. in the year 1993 and Cell and Molecular Biology in 2016. The department is also awarded with FIST (DST) and a computer lab was established. Now the department functions under Cotton University after the upgradation of Cotton college to Cotton University.

Recent Publications

  • Characterisation of cocoon of different population of Antheraea assamensis, Oriental Insects
    Publish by: Taylor and Francis
    Publish on: 06-July-2020

  • Adipato Bridged Novel Hexanuclear Cu(II) and Polymeric Co(II) Coordination Compounds involving Cooperative Supramolecular Assemblies and Encapsulated Guest Water Clusters in Square Grid Host: Antiprol, Dalton Transactions
    Publish by: Royal Society of Chemistry
    Publish on: 29-June-2020

  • Charge-assisted Hydrogen bonds and nitrile⋯ nitrile interactions directed Supramolecular Associations in Cu (II) and Mn (II) Coordination Complexes: Anticancer, Hematotoxicity and Theoretical Studies., New Journal of Chemistry. 44, 5473-5488.
    Publish by: Royal Society of Chemistry
    Publish on: 05-March-2020

  • Phytochemical analysis and in vitro cytostatic potential of ethnopharmacological important medicinal plants., Toxicology Reports, 7:443-452
    Publish by: Elsevier
    Publish on: 25-February-2020

  • Unconventional DNA-relevant π–stacked Hydrogen bonded array involving supramolecular guest benzoate dimer and Cooperative anion–π/π–π/π–anion contacts in Coordination Compounds of Co (II) and Zn (II), New Journal of Chemistry. 44, 4504-4518.
    Publish by: Royal Society of Chemistry
    Publish on: 13-February-2020

  • Energetically significant antiparallel π-stacking contacts in Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) coordination compounds of pyridine-2, 6-dicarboxylates: Antiproliferative evaluation and theoretical studies., Inorganica Chimica Acta, 501, 119233
    Publish by: Elsevier
    Publish on: 01-February-2020

  • Energetically significant unconventional OH⋯ π contacts involving discrete guest (H2O) 8 clusters in a fumarato bridged polymeric supramolecular host of Ni (II) phenanthroline: Antiproliferative evalu, Polyhedron, 176, 114266.
    Publish by: Elsevier
    Publish on: 15-January-2020

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