Department of Zoology has a resourceful museum which earn a renowned record among the different academic institutes of North East having Zoology courses. It contains approximately more than 5000 species of all phylum of invertebrate and vertebrates both from marine and freshwater sources along with proto, hemi and euro chordates of evolutionary importance. Among these specimen there are some extinct, endangered and rare species from both invertebrate and vertebrates are also present which include Terantola, variety of amphibian and reptiles, Ostrich, Penguin, Vulture, Adjuvent Storck, Scaly Ant Eaters, Ornythoryncus, Porcupine, Seal, Bear Car, Civet Cat etc. The museum is also enriched with various stuffed specimen, developmental stages of both vertebrate and invertebrate species including human, anatomical system, model of Dinosaurs of different geological ages and model of Chimpanzee, Gorilla and Triceratops. Evolution of mammals ( man, horse and elephant). Besides, museum also having skull and skeletal systems of different vertebrate species (poisonous snake), Armedilo, bird, horse, , skull of crocodile, rhinocerous, carnivorous animals along with the various larval stages of sericulture species as well as traditional fishing gears and entomological tools.