Prof. Arup Kumar Hazarika

Prof. Arup Kumar Hazarika


Ph.D. : Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Insect Ecology, River & Fresh Water Ecology, Wildlife Biology & Conservation Science
Joined the University in Oct 15, 1992

Phone: 7002933027

Vidwan Profile


Membership / Fellowship of Learned Bodies/ Societies

  1. Elected member of British Ecological Society, London
  2. Selected as the expert of national Productivity Council from India, A project of United Nations Organization and that of Government of India.
  3. Member, the International Association for Ecology (INTECOL). The association is affiliated with the ICSU family of scientific organizations as the section responsible for general ecology within the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).
  4. Member of the Society for Conservation Biology: A Global Community of Conservation Professionals, Washington DC. Society for Conservation Biology, 1017 O Street, NW Washington, DC 20001-4229 USA.
  5. Member of the Ecological Society of America (ESA), 1990 M Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036, phone 202-833-8773.
  6. Life Member of International Society of Zoological Sciences . C506, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Beijing , China.
  7. Executive Member from India in The World Affairs Council: Al  leading forum for Global Education  and international  affairs. Washington D.C.
  8. Elected member of the Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM). It  is one of IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature )six scientific Commissions; IUCN is the leading and the largest global authority on the environment and sustainable development. CEM membership and communications support remains at IUCN Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland.
  9. Member of the International Society for Ecological Economics.;  Boston, MA 02108 USA


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Cotton College


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Cotton College







Six years 2 months

Cotton College

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Cotton College

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Comparative Limnology of Tasek Lake, Meghalaya and two fresh water fish ponds of Assam

University Grants Commission

2 Nos. of papers published

Impact of Environmental Perturbation of Bharalu River, Guwahati

University Grants Commission


Ecological Monitoring of Flora and Fauna of Kaziranga National Park with special reference to Rhinoceros Unicornis

University Grants Commission

Paper presented in the International Conference

Designing a manmade ecosystem for the restoration and management of Tasek Lake of Garo Hills (A Tectonic Lake)

University Grants Commission

Paper presented in the International Conference.

Research paper publications till 2021

1.Hazarika, A.K., Kalita, U. & Khanna, S. (2021).Can Edible Insects Complement Conventional Livestock? The Desirability of Insect Nutrition for Food Security of a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve.Current Nutrition and Food Science  Impact Factor : 0.9

2. Hazarika, A. K., Kalita, U., Khanna, S., Kalita, T., & Choudhury, S. (2020). Diversity of edible insects in a Natural World Heritage Site of India: entomophagy attitudes and implications for food security in the region. PeerJ8, e10248. Impact factor  : 2.98

3. Hazarika, A. K., Kalita, U., Michael, R. G., Panthi, S., & Das, D. (2020). Ecological status of a freshwater tectonic lake of the indo-burmese province: Implications for livelihood development. PloS one15(11), e0240685. Impact factor : 3.24

4. Khanna, S., Hazarika, A.K. & Kalita, U. (2020). Environmental safety in Minimal Access Surgery and its bio-economics. Journal of Minimal Access Surgery. Impact factor :  1.407

5. Kalita, U., Hazarika, AK., Phukan, A., Kakati, D. & Das, M. (2020). Breaking the Mould: Understanding the Practicality of Solar Water Pumps among Small Tea Planters in a South Asian State of India. Energy, Ecology and Environment, 5(4), 1-15 : Springer :  Scopus Cite Score  : 3.6

6. Borah, M., Hazarika, A.K. & Kalita, U. (2020). Right to be a Surrogate: Biological, constitutional and economic perspectives. Space and Culture, India, 8(1). ; Scopus Cite Score :  1.3

7. Hazarika, A.K., Kalita, U. & Baruah, C. (2020). Strategic protection of Asian rhinos: the conservation success of the greater one-horned rhinoceros. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology.  Scopus Cite Score : 0.4

8. Kalita, U., Hazarika, A.K., Bora, R.K., Khanna, S., Barman, T.K. (2020). Economic implication of a Novel Disease Outbreak: Understanding its Genesis. Economic and Political Weekly, 55(24), 25-27. Scopus Cite score : 0.6

9. Hazarika, A.K. & Kalita, U. (2020). Incidence of heavy metals and river restoration assessment of a major South-Asian transboundary river. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 27(18). Springer . Impact Factor : 4.223

10. Hazarika, A.K. & Kalita, U. (2019). Conservation and livelihood conflict of Kaziranga National Park: A World Heritage Site of Assam, India. Space and Culture, India, 7(3), 224-232.

11. Hazarika, A.K. & Kalita, U. (2019). Water chemistry of Kolong River, Assam, India and management strategies. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8(3), 7567-7572.

12. azarika, A.K., Bora, D.K. & Kalita, U. (2019). Ecological health and the economics of water quality: An assessment of Kolong River, Assam, India. Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences¸ 7(4), 135-147. Pub Med  ; UGC CARE

13. Kalita, U. & Hazarika, A.K. (2019). Indoor air pollution and concerned health costs in Indian context. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8(3), 7559-7566.

14. Hazarika, A.K. & Kalita, U. (2019). Limnological assessment of Tasek Lake- A tectonic lake of Garo Hills, Meghalaya (India) and its impact on livelihood development. Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 25(Suppl. Issue), S200-S209.(link)

15.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (1994). Limnological Studies of Two Fresh Water Ponds of Guwahati, Assam. Environment & Ecology 12(1): pp 26-29.

16.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (1997). A Study of Tasek Lake of Garo Hills (Meghalaya). Environment & Ecology 15(2): pp 397-402.

17.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (1998). Interrelationship of Certain Physico-Chemical Parameters and Plankton Community of Tasek Lake (Meghalaya). Environment & Ecology 16(3): pp 561-567.

18.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (1999). Ecology of Jongal Balahu Garh (Min pam)-A historical pond of central Assam (Nagaon). Nature Conservators 11(1): pp  111-120.

19.Hazarika, A and Hazarika, L. (2002). Phytoplankton as biological indicators in lentic hydrosphere. Proc. British Ecological Society, University of York, UK

NEICSSR(Reliance Publishing House), OMSON’S Publication, New Delhi-First Edition.

20.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (2003). Ecological Monitoring of World Famous Kaziranga National Park, Assam (India). Proc. Internal Symposium of Association of Tropical Biology, University of Aberdeen, SCOTLAND held from 7th to 10th July).

21.Hazarika, A(2003) Depleted Uranium : Uses and Hazards: A Global Scenario—Environmental and Sociological implications of  Mining of Coal , Limestone and Urenium and Exploitation of Oil and Natural Gas in North East India., North East India Council For Social Science Research.

22.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (2003).Ecological Monitoring of  Tasek Lake A Tectonic Lake of Garo Hills, Meghalaya ( India) , Research Journal of Contemporary Concern. Vol. I pp. 70-77

23.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A (2003) Eutrophication of Tasek Lake of Garo Hills , Meghalaya ( India) and its management.                American Water Resources Association, University of California, San Diego

24.Hazarika, A ,Dutta, A and Prabal Sarkar ( 2004) Ecological Monitoring of  World Famous Kaziranga National Park with Special Reference to Conservation Strategies of Rhinoceros unicornis., Society for Conservation Biology. Columbia University, New York.

25.Hazarika Arup Kumar, Amalesh Dutta, Prakash Chetry (2006), Strategic Planning: Setting Conservation Priorities in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, India – Land of highest density of one horned Rhinoceros in the world.

26.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A Deka Binoy Kumar (2007) Alleviating spatial conflict between people and biodiversity, Journal of Assam Science Society.

27.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A Deka Binoy Kumar (2007) "A STUDY ON THE HABITAT UTILIZATION PATTERN BY THE INDIAN RHINO IN THE WORLD FAMOUS KAZIRANGA NATIONAL Park, Assam India. Society for Conservation Biology. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

28.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A(2008) Strategic planning  for conservation of wetlands in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary- the land of highest density of One horn Rhinoceros in the world. 19th All India Congress of Zoology. National Seminar on Biodiversity and Human welfare.

29.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A(2009) RESTORATION AND MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES OF WETLANDS OF WORLD FAMOUS KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK, ASSAM (INDIA). Society for Conservation Biology. Accepted in the 23rd International Congress of Society for Conservation Biology, Beijing, China (11th to 16th July 2009)

30.Hazarika, A, Das Gitali and Dutta, A (2009) Interrelationships of Certain Physico-chemical Parameters and Plankton Community of Deepor Beel –--the lone Ramsar Site of Assam (India) Research Journal of Contemporary Concern. Vol. 7, 2009 pp. 53-58

31.Hazarika, A and Dutta, A(2010) Threats to One-Horned Rhino and their Grassland habitat in Pobitora wildlife sanctuary , India –the land of highest density of rhinoceros in the world. Society for Conservation Biology. Accepted in the 24th International Congress of Society for Conservation Biology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (3-7th  July 2010)

32.Das Gitali, Hazarika Arup Kumar (2011) Diversity of fresh water algae in Sola Beel and Deepaar Beel of Guwahati City (Assam) : Proceedinds of the International Seminar on Bioresources and human sustenance .2011

33.Khan Imdadul Islam  and HazarikaArup Kumar (2011)The Societal Benefits of Biological Assesment  and Monitoring of River Kolong ( Nagaon) , Assam. Proceedinds of the International Seminar on Bioresources and human sustenance .2011

34.Das Jayanta , Hazarika Arup Kumar and Khan Imdadul Islam (2012) : Nutritional values of some edible insects in Baksa District, BTAD, Assam, , The Clarion Vol.I number I pp 112-115

35.Senapati M.D. and Hazarika A.K. (2012) Identification of some productive bivoltine hybrids of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori, L. through rearing under rain fed sericulture of North Eastern region of India. The Clarion Vol. I number I pp 93-104

36.Das  G. ,Hazarika A.K. and Goswami M.M. (2012) Study of Certain physico-chemical characteristics of warer and plankton diversity of Sola Beel  The Clarion Vol. I number I pp 116-120

37.Senapati M.D. and Hazarika A.K. (2012) A study on protein and glycogen content of crab meat consumed by tribal people in Baksa district, BTAD, India Clarion  International Multidisciplinary Journal Vol.3 Number I  number 2  pp 112-115, ISSN : 2277-1697

38.Das Jayanta , Hazarika Arup Kumar (2013)  Evaluation of some productive hybrids of Bombyx mori L. suitable for the autumn seasons in the rain fed condition of Assam, India. Vol.3 Number I  number 2  pp 112-115, ISSN : 2277-1697

39.Sarkar P., Sarma a.A. and Hazarika A.K. ( 2013) Survet on abundance of carnivores and their prey in Kalesar Np and WLS in Haryana , India . The Clarion Vol. II number I pp 41-51

40.Medhi Anupam Kumar and Arup Kumar Hazarika (2013):Study on the effect  of  lindane on some hematological parameters of Indian fresh water cat fish, Clarias batrachus (L.) The Clarion Vol. II number II pp 42-145

41.Hazarika Arup Kumar and Prakash Chetry (2013) Role of Stakeholders in Conservation of one horned rhinoceros in world famous Kaziranga National Park: An analysis: International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) 21-25 July 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

42.Medhi Anupam Kumar and Arup Kumar Hazarika (2015):Sublethal haematological and histopathological effects of lindane on the India Freshwater cat fish, Clarias batrachus (Osteichthyes: Clariidae) Clarion  International Multidisciplinary Journal Vol.4 Number I  number I pp 268-273, ISSN : 2277-1697

43.Hazarika Arup Kumar (2015): CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF DEEPOR BEEL RMSAR SITE:  A COMMUNITY-BASED APPROACH : The Clarion  International Multidisciplinary Journal Vol.4 Number I  number I pp 209-213, ISSN : 2277-1697


44.Senapati M.D. and Hazarika A.K. ( 2017) Standardization of mother moth examination for pebrine detection in samia species and diagnosis of pebrine disease in commercial seed production The Clarion  International Multidisciplinary Journal Vol.6 Number 2  number I pp 268-273, ISSN : 2277-1697

45.Hazarika Arup Kumar and  Jayanta Kumar Das ( 2017) Quantitative Analysis of Mineral Content of Six Edible terrestrial Insects Commonly Consumed by ethnic people in Baksa District, Assam, India The Clarion  International Multidisciplinary Journal Vol.6 Number 2  number I pp 44-51, ISSN : 2277-1697


46.Hazarika Arup Kumar  (2019) : Biodiversity Conservation, livelihood issues and tourism in the world famous Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India: A natural world heritage site.

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. The Clarion (Journal), Editor-in –Chief -Arup K Hazarika, International Multidisciplinary Journal, Centre for environment, education and Economic Development. , An Organisation Under NGO partnership system of the Planning Commission, Govt. of India, published since 2012, twice in a year. Journal : Print ISSN : 2277-1697; Online line ISSN : 2277-937X 2. Environment & Ecology, Arup Kumar Hazarika Chapter : Air and Water Pollution in Northeast India, Chapter-XIV (Reliance Publishing House), OMSON’S Publication, New Delhi. 81-7117-163-3 Yes 3. Forest Resources in of North East India, Arup Kumar Hazarika,Chapter : Management of Forest Resources for Sustainable Development – Recent Initiatives, Chapter-VIII (Reliance Publishing House), OMSON’S Publication, New Delhi 81-7717-202-4 4. Renewable Energy resource and its management, Arup Kumar Hazarika, Chapter : Renewable Energy Resource – needs management, Chapter-IX (Reliance Publishing House) New Delhi 81-7510-107-5 5. Population and Development in North East India, Arup Kumar Hazarika, Chapter: Population dynamics, quality of life and the environment, Chapter-XII Concept Publishing Company Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, India 81-8069-688-6 6. Freedom Struggle in North East India, Arup Kumar Hazarika, Chapter : Role of Assam in Freedom moment of India, Chapter – IX (Reliance Publishing House), OMSON’S Publication, New Delhi 81-9072-054-0 7. Higher Education –V0l-II, Arup Kumar Hazarika, Chapter : Higher Education –Issues and Challenges PP, 207-219, APPOCUS 978-81-920547-4-2

Book publication other than subject concerned

List of General Articles published in Regional & National News papers




Date of Publication

Name of the News paper/Magazine

             Title of the Article



The North East Times

Swamiji’s Gospel to the youths




Netaji : An Inspiring leader.




The North East Times

A glimpse into Gandhiji’s Life.



The North East Times

Sankardeva—The Great Preacher.



The North East Times

Food and Nutrition for all.



The North East Times.

Human Rights: A dissertation.



The Sentinel

Swamiji and the chikago conference



The Northeast Times

Who was against deterministic philosophy



The Northeast Times

The sentinels of our body



The Northeast Times

Gandhiji and Hinduism



The Meghalaya Guardian

Gandhiji and concept of Dharma



The Northeast Times

The hero of medieval Northeast



The Northeast Times (Saturday Fare)

The Day Raman discovered the Raman-Effect



The Northeast Times

C.V. Raman: A scientist to Remember



The Sentinel (Sunday)

Khajuraho the Quintessence of spiritual Ecstasy



The Northeast Times

Pobitora: Nature’s Delight



The Northeast Times (Saturday Fare)

Genetic Engineering: A challenge to mankind



The Northeast Times (Saturday Fare)

Chatrapati Shivaji: The jewel in the crown



Sl.No Name Research Topic Roll No
1 Bobita Bordoloi Parasitology
2 Kangkana Medhi Hydrochemistry
3 Rimpi Dhar Entomophagy
4 Amlan Kumar Dey Hydrochemistry
5 Dipanjali Biswas Reproductive biology of silkworm
6 Sangeeta Choudhury Entomophagy
7 Bhanita Bora Entomophagy
8 Unmilan Kalita Environmental economics

Other Informations

Literacy, Cultural or other activities :

2.        More than 500 articles published in different Regional & National Dailies.

           (Many of the articles have already been recorded in the Parliamentary documentation of Government of India which is being done by Parliament Library and reference, research, documentation and information service.)

3.        Published a book ' The Silver Linings to the Looming Cloud' which was acquired by United States Library of Congress, New Delhi and has been sent for acceptance to different libraries of the U.S.A. This book can now be found in the following US Libraries:

           (1) Duke University                                           (2) University of California at Berkeley

           (3) Library of Congress                                     (4) University of Hawaii at Manawa       

           (5) University of Iowa                                        (6) University of Chicago

           (7) Harvard University                                       (8) University of Michigan       

           (9) University of Minnesota                                (10) Columbia University        

           (11) University of Texas at Austin                      (12) University of Washington 

           (13) University of Wisconsin at Madison.


5.        Published a book named Cotton Gaurav Ne Asam Gaurav (in Assamese) on the occasion of Centenary Celebration of Cotton College. (This book has been accepted in the American Congress Library.

6.        Published a book named Swami Vivekananda (in Assamese) on 26-11-2002.

7.        Contributed Chapter  in the Book: Environment & Ecology.

8.        Contributed Chapter in the Book  :Biodiversity of North East India.

9.        Contributed Chapter in the Book Pickings from Cottonian.

10.      Editor of the Journal: ' Vivek  Bhaskar published by Ramakrishna Mission, Guwahati.

11.      Author of: India's Golden Greats (in press).


  1. Author of: Itihase Ringiyae   Published on 26/11/2004


13. Author of: Across the Oceans. Published on 26/11/2005

(This book ‘Across the Oceans’ has also been accepted by the Central selection of Book Committee, Raja Rammohun Roy Library foundation, Govt. of India (department of culture).


  1. Author of Spectrum, Published on 26th November 2010.
  2. Editor of the Book Published by CEEED in Collaboration with Department of Zoology , Cotton University : ECOLOGY< ENVIRONMENT AND CONSERVATION .