Dr. Uma Dutta, HoD

Dr. Uma Dutta, HoD

Associate Professor

Ph.D. : Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Molecular Toxicology and Teratology Cancer biology (diagnosis and anticancer therapy) Food Toxicology and Public Health Bio-chemistry with utilization of great treasure of bio resources in North East India, especially in Assam Bio-active component of plant and animal in treating cancer and diseases. Drug interaction Preventive therapy of auto immune disease Immunotoxicity and Nanotoxicity Indigenous knowledge regarding use of plant resources in treating infertility
Joined the University in Jul 14, 1992

Phone: 7086456903
Email: uma.dutta@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Dr. Uma Dutta, HoD CV    Vidwan Profile


Career Profile/Services:

1. Cotton College/State University/University, Guwahati -1, Assam [ Selection Grade Professor and Associate Professor ] (4 th Sept 2003 (continuation))

2. Halflong Govt. College, Halflong, Assam [Lecturer and Senior lecturer] (14th July 1992 to 3rd Sept. 2003)

3. Kendriya Vidyalaya Lumding [ TGT & PGT teacher post ] (Sept. 1991 to March 1992)

4. Don Bosco, Lumding (Nov 1987 to July 1988)

Administrative assignments within and outside the institution:

Serving as Joint Secretary Academic Affairs, CUTA; Admission and election procedures; Library committee member; Seminar committee member; Animal ethics committee member; Examination committee member (AU and CU) – within the institution; Department representative member of CCWF.

Special supervising officer for UG exam (GU); Executive committee member WUAA; Executive committee member Assam Zoological Society; Nominated executive member Indian Society of Cell Biology; Member of Breakthrough Science Society (All India Level Organization) IIT Chapter, Ghy-39; Rural development programs under the aegis of the Assam Science Society (Halflong and Guwhati branch).

Activities/assignments in the University:

1. Core committee member in the CBCS syllabus preparation for biological science in CU (2018).

2. Main responsibility served in UG, PG of CBCS system syllabus, PhD coursework syllabus for zoological science in 2018.

3. Contributed to course curriculum for syllabus preparation, revision and curriculum program for UG, PG and PhD coursework at Assam University, Gauhati University and Cotton College State University.

4. Conducting multiple project works at UG and PG level as per syllabus and summer internship program within and outside the university.

5. Question paper setter, evaluator and moderator within own and outside university.

6. Organising student educational/academic tour and field work within and outside the state at UG and PG level.

7. Conducting All India level competitive examination both at National and State level viz NET, GATE, SLET, MD/MS, ONGC, Engg and Medical Entrance (supervising and conducting).

8. Organise excursion and academic tours.

9. Wall magazine supervision, Organise meetings Zoological Society, Cotton College etc.

10. Performance of assigned duties of all sorts of activities viz. conducting student election, student exhibition, cultural program, plantation program.

11. Organizing National and International Conferences and hands-on training program and workshop.



Sr No.

Designation/Post held

Name of Institute/Organisation

Nature of Duties


Experience in Years and Months (approx.)


Head, Dept. of Zoology

Cotton University

Teaching, research and administrative role

1st Oct 2020 on Continuation


           1 yr


Associate professor

Dept. of Zoology, Cotton University

Teaching and research

12th  July 2009

on Continuation


          12 yrs



Selection grade professor

Dept. of Zoology, Cotton College

Teaching and research

12th  July 2006

to 12th July 2009


           5 yrs



Senior lecturer

Dept. of Zoology, Cotton College & Halflong Govt. College

Teaching and research

12th  July 2001

to 12th July 2006


           5 yrs




Dept. of Zoology, Cotton College & Halflong Govt. College

Teaching and research

12th  July 1995

to 12th July 2001

(regular basis)


12th  July 1992

to 12th July 1995

(probationary basis)


           6 yrs


           3 yrs



TGT & PGT Post

Trained graduate teacher & Post graduate teacher

Kendriya Vidyalaya,


Teaching students at IX,X,XI,XII levels


Sept. 1990 to July 1992


             1 yr


Assistant Science Teacher

Don Bosco School, Lumding

IX & X standards

Nov. 1987 to July 1988


             1 yr


Research Projects

Sl. No. Principal Investigator Co Principal Investigator Title of the Project Period Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned Amoun Status
1 Uma Dutta   Toxicological Impact of Chronic Exposure to BZ on Albino Rat 1998-99 UGC (minor) Rs.50000/- Completed
2 Uma Dutta   Eco-Restoration and Management of Industrial Effluents in Certain Wetlands of Amingaon, Assam (awarding project for UG and PG student)[student achieved runner up] dt. 31-10-2014 (2014-16) TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) sponsored project/India chapter Rs.14 lakhs. Completed
3 Uma Dutta   Study of Ameliorative Potential of Bamboo Shoot (Bambusa Balcooa) against ethephon induced toxicity in albino rat dt. 23-5-2014 (Dec 2014- Jan 2017) UGC Rs.5 lakhs Completed
4 Uma Dutta   More than 30 projects at different aspects of zoology at PG level student project were conducted. 2003 - continuing ASTEC Assam Rs 8000- 12000/- Completed


Research paper publications till 2021

  1. “Targeting Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) for developing novel therapeutics against cancer” Sosmitha Girisa, Sahu Henamayee, Dey Parama, Varsha Rana, Uma Dutta & Ajaikumar B. Kunnumakkara; Molecular Biomedicine vol. 2, no. 21 (2021); Nature Group/Springer; https://doi.org/10.1186/s43556-021-00035-2; IF: 4.096
  2. “Differential roles of farnesoid X receptor (FXR) in modulating apoptosis in cancer cells.”, Girisa S, Rana V, Parama D, Dutta U, Kunnumakkara AB. Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology. 2021; 126:63-90. DOI: 10.1016/bs.apcsb.2021.02.006. PMID: 34090620. [ISSN: 1876-1623 (print), 1876-1631 (online), IF = 3.783]
  3. “Rationalizing the therapeutic potential of apigenin against cancer”, Semim Akhtar Ahmed, Dey Parama, Enush Daimari, Sosmitha Girisa, Kishore Banika, Choudhary  Harsha, Uma Dutta, Ajaikumar B.Kunnumakkaraa, Life Sciences; Volume 267, 15 February 2021, 118814; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lfs.2020.118814 [ISSN: 1879-0631 (print), 0024-3205 (online),  IF = 3.647] .
  4. “COVID-19, cytokines, inflammation, and spices: How are they related?” Ajaikumar B. Kunnumakkara, Varsha Rana, Dey Parama, Kishore Banik, Sosmitha Girisa, Sahu Henamayee, Krishan Kumar Thakur, Uma Dutta, Prachi Garodia, Subash C. Gupta, Bharat B. Aggarwal, Life Sciences, 2021, 119201, ISSN 0024-3205, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lfs.2021.119201. [ISSN: 1879-0631(print), 00243205(online); IF = 3.647].
  5. “Diosgenin, a steroidal saponin, and its analogs: Effective therapies against different chronic diseases”, Dey Parama, Monikongkona Boruah, Kumari Yachna, Varsha Rana, Kishore Banik, Choudhary Harsha, Krishan Kumar Thakur, Uma Dutta, Aditya Arya, Xinliang Mao, Kwang Seok Ahn, Ajaikumar B. Kunnumakkara, Life Sciences 2020, vol. 260, 118182, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lfs.2020.118182. [ ISSN: 1879-0631(print), 00243205(online); IF = 3.647].
  6. “Protective effect of Aloe vera and Bryophyllum pinnatum extracts against Smokeless tobacco induced nephrotoxicity in albino mice” Nabanita Medhi, Uma Dutta, Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2019; 5(5):901-908, DOI :https://doi.org/10.31024/ajpp.2019.5.5.7 [ ISSN: 2455-2674 ].
  7. “Faith in spirituality to treat infertility: An epidemiological study in certain parts of northern India”, Uma Dutta, Shraddha Basu, Manidipa Baruah, vol no. 40, pp 442-465, Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (AAICP), International Conference Proceedings, 25th – 27th July 2018, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia;  (http://conferences.cseap.edu.my/aaicp2018/asset/doc/AAICP2018_ISBN_20190826.pdf)
  8. “Bio-assay of chemoprotective role of shoot of Bambusa balcooa Roxb. and its isolated flavonoid in Ethephon-induced oxidative stress in the sub-cellular pulmonary damage of albino rat “, Uma Dutta, Plant Biodiversity and Applications, ABSTRACT CODE- OP-PBA007, pp 134-135, Proceedings of BIODIVERSE 2018. [Print ISSN 0976-4585, Online ISSN 2277-1573 J; IF: 0.876].
  9. “Study of seasonal variation in butterfly diversity in certain park areas of Tezpur, Assam”, Bidisha Kakati and Uma Dutta; Insect Biodiversity, ABSTRACT CODE- PP-INB007, pp 107-108, Proceedings of BIODIVERSE 2018. [Print ISSN 0976-4585, Online ISSN 2277-1573 J; IF: 0.876].
  10. “A comparative study on butterfly diversity in the heart area-Nehru Park and Outskirt area – IIT Campus of Guwahati City, Assam”, Kasturi Dutta and Uma Dutta, Insect Biodiversity, ABSTRACT CODE- PP-INB006, pp 105-106, Proceedings of BIODIVERSE 2018. [Print ISSN 0976-4585, Online ISSN 2277-1573 J; IF: 0.876].
  11. “Enthno-traditional usage of diversity of plant species for the treatment of menstrual disorders in certain villages of Tezpur subdivision, Assam, India” Jutikana Mishra and Uma Dutta, Human and Linguistic Diversity. ABSTRACT CODE- PP-HLD015, pp 93-94 Proceedings of BIODIVERSE 2018. [Print ISSN 0976-4585, Online ISSN 2277-1573 J; IF: 0.876].
  12. “Efficacy of methanolic exract of Alternanthera sessilis (L.) in combination with the venom of Polistes flavus on nicotine derived nitrosomine ketone (NNK) induced pulmonary carcinoma in albino mice” Deepshika Moran and Uma Dutta, Animal Biodiversity, ABSTRACT CODE- PP-ANB004, pp 3-4 Proceedings of BIODIVERSE 2018. [Print ISSN 0976-4585, Online ISSN 2277-1573 J; IF: 0.876].



  1. “Evaluation of Ameliorative activity of Aloe vera and Bryophyllum pinnatum extract on smokeless tobacco induced Hepato-toxicity in Albino mice” Nabanita Medhi and Uma Dutta, Advances in Bioresearch, Vol 8 (6): 167-175 (2017) vol 4 (2): 33-41 (2015) [ISSN: 2277-1743 (Print), ISSN: 2278-7879 (Online)], IF: ISI:1.864(2016), SJIF:6.838(2016); DOI: 10.15515/abr.0976-4585.8.6.167175.
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Other Informations

Awards and Distinctions:

1. National scholarship (from HSLC to PG level) (1984 – 1992)

2. UGC Fellowship Award for Ph.D. degree (1999 – 2002)

3. UGC Travel Award to attend ICT in Barcelona, Spain (2010)

4. EUROTOX 2011 Fellowship Award (Senior Scientist Group) (2011)

Invited Lecture:

1. “Electron Microscopy and the Interpretation of Subcellular Changes on Certain Organs” and act as a resource person in the National level hands on training on “Biophysical and Biochemical Techniques for Cancer Research” at Darjeeling Govt. College and North Bengal Univ., in Darjeeling and North Bengal from 28th Oct 2011 to 1st Nov 2011.

2. “Benzophenone Induced Oxidative Stress in Cellular and Subcellular Alterations with pre- Carcinogenic and Changes in the Liver and Lung of Albino Rat”, Uma Dutta, delivered at the International Conference on Disease Biology and Therapeutics (ICDBT 2014), at IASST Guwahati on 3rd-5th Dec 2014, Guwahati, p 275 (IL-69)

3. “Chironomous Spp. (Chironomidae: Diptera) as Bio-indicator of Environmental Stress, advanced techniques in sericulture” in the National conference on Exploitation of Seribiodiversity for Novel Product Development organized by the Unit of Excellence on Seribiotechnology, 29th -30th Nov 2014, Center for the Environment, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

4. “Evaluation of Ethephon Induced Oxidative Stress to Gonadal Disorder and its Amelioration by Ethanolic Extract of shoot of Bambusa balcooa Roxb. in Albino Rat”, International Symposium on Integrative Physiology and Comparative Endocrinology along with Brain storming session on Geno-Eco-neurology (ISIPCE & SRBCE), Dept. of Zoology, BHU, IL-14 pp, 12-14 Feb 2016.

5. “Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?” A talk delivered in WUAA Meeting Cotton University, 8 th Aug 2017.

6. “Amelioration of ethanolic extract bamboo shoot against xenobiotic induced endocrine disruption and infertility” Invited speaker in International Conference INCD 2017 (1st – 3 rd Sept 2017), Goa

7. “Bioassay of chemoprotective role of shoot of Bambusa balcooa in ethephon induced oxidative stress and pulmonary carcinoma.” Invited talk in BIODIVERSE 2018 (27th – 29th Jan 2018), International Symposium on Biodiversity and Biobanking, IIT Guwahati.

8. Invited talks as a resource person in DBT sponsored summer training camp for undergraduate science students. Department of Zoology, J. N. College, Boko, Kamrup, Assam. 26th June to 2nd July, 2018 “Xenobiotic stress in daily life and ways of mitigation.” “Nature’s gift for control of environmental stress and mosquito borne diseases”

Association with Professional Bodies :

1. Life member of the Indian Society of Cell Biology, Mumbai, India.

2. Life member of the Society of Toxicology, U.P., India.

3. Life member of the Indian Science Congress Association, Calcutta.

4. Life member of the Assam Science Society, Assam.

5. Annual membership of the Society of Electron Microscopy, RSIC, Shillong.

6. Annual membership of the National Environmental Academy of Science, Calcutta.

7. Life member of the Association for the promotion of DNA fingerprinting and other DNA technologies (APFDT/ADNAT), Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) , Hyderabad.

8. Life member of the Zoological Society of Assam.

9. Life member of CEEED (Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development)

10. Life member of Indian Society of Veterinary, Pharmacology and Toxicology (ISVPT)

11. Life member of University Women’s Association of Assam (UWAA)

Any other information:

1. Contribution to the community work viz. National Literary Mission (Red Cross Society, Shishugram).

2. Education to disabled and rural aged women.

3. Participated in National Cleanliness Drive.

4. Relief work to flood victims through women’s association Cotton College.

5. Plantation program in IIT Guwahati and City areas.

6. Rescue work of animals with cooperation of local NGO.

7. Teaching of under privileged students in Amingaon and other areas.