Research Areas

Molecular Toxicology and Teratology Cancer biology

Molecular Toxicology and Teratology Cancer biology (diagnosis and anticancer therapy) Food Toxicology and Public Health Biochemistry with utilization of great treasure of bio resources in North East India, especially in Assam Bio-active component of plant and animal in treating cancer and diseases. Drug interaction Preventive therapy of auto immune disease Immunotoxicity and Nanotoxicity Indigenous knowledge regarding use of plant resources in treating infertility.

Insect Ecology, River & Fresh Water Ecology, Wildlife Biology & Conservation Science

Entomology, Ecology & Environment

Fish Biology

Sericulture, Reproductive Biology, Toxicology

Chronobiology and Molecular Neuroendocrinology, Cell biology and Toxicology

Bio-activity guided isolation

Bio-activity guided isolation, characterization and structure elu-cidation of anticancer active principle(s); Nutraceuticals formulation and product development; Anticancer activity testing

Insect Behaviour and management of agricultural pest using botan- ical pesticides, Phytochemical studies on Drosophila as a model

Spatial & Landscape Ecology, Ecological Modelling, Biological Data Science and Conservation Biology.